• Unifarm, Viale Andrea Doria 21, 95125 Catania
  • +39 095 7167514
  • +39 095 2865220
  • info@unifarm.org

UNIFARM is a CRO registered at  the Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco (Italian Authority for Drugs, AIFA), compliant with the requirements of the DM (Ministerial Decree) dated March 31, 2008 on clinical trials and therefore able to provide services such as:

• clinical study design;

• project management;

• preparation of study protocols and other regulatory documents;

• approval procedures (Ethics Committee, Regulatory Authorities);

• volunteers / patients recruitment;

• Investigator Meeting;

• Standard Operative Procedure (SOP);

• monitoring;

• Quality Assurance;

• reporting.

UNIFARM has implemented a Quality System in line with national and international regulations to ensure high level of service and client satisfaction.

Indeed, this is one of the main objectives of UNIFARM and is constantly pursued through the involvement of all the personnel in a quality process based on the assumption of individual responsibility, as well as through the implementation of systems and procedures for the control of the established quality level and the purchase of the most  efficient laboratory equipments.